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Grind & Dispense in Seconds

Alpaca Grinder

Innovative Design

Alpaca™ shreds herbs and effortlessly dispenses them wherever you want. Compared to a standard herb grinder, Alpaca is faster, easier, more portable and less messy.

Alpaca Grinder

Lifetime Warranty

Alpaca™ comes with a no questions asked Lifetime Warranty. It's the last grinder you'll ever have to buy. Made in the U.S.A.

Alpaca Grinder

Premium Materials

Precision machined from aircraft aluminum - Alpaca™ is built to last a lifetime. Comes with a convenient carrying case.

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Alpaca Grinder

favicon-16x16 Easy to clean and disassemble

favicon-16x16 Medical grade anodized coating

favicon-16x16 Precision machined from aircraft aluminum

favicon-16x16 Rare-earth magnets hold grinder together

favicon-16x16 Clear cone lets you grind with a view

favicon-16x16 Razor sharp teeth that shred effortlessly

favicon-16x16 Rubber cap for portability

Alpaca Grinder
Alpaca Grinder
Alpaca Grinder

Alpaca™ comes with a no questions asked lifetime warranty on all parts for all reasons. It’s the last grinder you’ll ever have to buy.


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