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Tips & Tricks

Master your Alpaca. Tips from the experts:

  • Avoid placing herbs above the blue part shown below. Instead, place your herbs in a circle around the center. Tips
  • You can control how fine or coarse Alpaca grinds your herbs. To achieve a finer grind, hold Alpaca upside down while grinding. This allows the herbs to remain in the grinding chamber longer, breaking them into tiny pieces. Then, flip your Alpaca right side up and twist to dispense.
  • Alpaca is easy to take apart for cleaning. To disassemble, first remove the grinder lid and place it to the side. Then firmly hold the metal grinder and the clear cone. Gently pry the grinder away from the cone. If they do not immediately come apart, simply rotate both pieces and pry from a slightly different angle. To reassemble, place the metal grinder on the clear cone and press down until you hear a click, indicating the parts have locked together.